Riding for cancer research!

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I’ve always liked to ride my bike. I can’t explain why, exactly, but that’s not important right now. Ask me later.

About a month ago I found out my four year old niece, Meg, had Leukemia.
For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a blood cancer.

The Pan Mass Challenge is a bike ride that raises money for the Jimmy Fund.
Last year, 100% of $35 Million in donations for the ride went directly to the Jimmy Fund. Rider entry fees and volunteers covered the event costs.
The Jimmy Fund, simply put, makes it possible to save the lives of children and adults battling cancer.

I’m writing you to ask for your support in donating money to the Jimmy Fund by way of me taking an unnecessarily long bike ride.

Meg is getting the care she needs at Children’s Hospital now. But the work they do there is largely possible because of the donations you make.

This ride is no joke.
We ride 111 miles on the first day.
Then 81 miles on the second day. That’s a 30 miles break on day two!
For those of you not familiar with biking speeds, that could equate to anywhere from 6 to 11 hours on the bike per day, depending on the rider.

I’ll be sure to fill you in on my time after. I do not plan on strolling through the course.

Riders participating spend months training for this event.

Because my wife and I have a son, Max, who just turned one, and consumes the majority of our time, I’ll be riding to work on my mountain bike most days to fit in some training. Towing Max up hill in the bike trailer also helps.

It is EASY donate. This link will take you to my donation page:
Donate as little or as much as you like. It’s all tax deductible.
(More is better though, of course).

Here is my personal donation reimbursement plan:
$1-25 –> “Thank You”
$26-50 –> Hugs
$51-100 –> Kisses
$101-150 –> Hugs and Kisses
$151-200 –> Hugs, Kisses, and the last dance
$201+ –> You know you’re not supposed to expect things in return, right?

So, please, don’t make me destroy my legs for no reason at all. Throw a few dollars in for a good cause.
A few dozen Ibuprohpen can fix my legs, but cancer isn’t quite that easy, yet.

With Love…

http://www.pmc.org/RJ0036This is Meggy Magoo from about a year ago.

This is Meggy Magoo from about a year ago.