PMC 2013 Thank You Notes.

Fundraising is hard.

Kids are great pawns.  They are cute, funny, and generally irresistible.

My two kids happen to be the cutest ones that I know (of course), so I recruited them to help me thank *you* for your donations.

Here is the first note for my first donor!

Unfortunately, four year old kids don’t have fantastic long term memories.  After all, a year ago he was only three.  A year before that he was drooling and pooping, on shirts and in pants, respectively.

So I asked my son if he would help me.

He asked, “Why?”.  Not in a bad way.  In a four year old way.  I’m fairly certain he asks that very, single word, question about ten thousand times a day.  Usually before I finish answering the last time he asked it.

I try to be honest with my son.

So I told him.

Your cousin Meggy is gone.  Many people tried very hard to help her.  They did their best, but it wasn’t enough.  Her little body had enough of the cancer and treatments and it stopped working.  I ride my bike and I ask people for money.  That money might help find a way to fix people like Meggy so that they can get better and live a long time.  It would be super nice if we could say, “thank you” to the people who support me and I would like your help.

We looked at some pictures and he remembered her smiling face.

I will remember he smiling face.


Thank you all, for your support.

Click here or the Donate Now link above to contribute what you can to my 2013 PMC ride.