Fundraising is hard.

It’s May 20th 2013 and summer is really starting.

Technically I do have many more months to fundraise for PMC 2013, but I always prefer to be ahead of the game by ride time in August.

I’m not special in my hatred of asking people for money.  It’s hard.  I think next year, I’m going to have to switch to an event based fundraiser where I can give something back.  Currently, I’m lacking in ideas, so if you have some, you know where to reach me.  But a “dunk tank filled with horse manure” isn’t a great suggestion.

There fundraising rule I haven’t been following this year –> “ADD NEW PEOPLE EVERY YEAR!”.  Not every donor will return.  I need to replenish them.  Unfortunately, many of my donors used to come from work.  And in my new position, I have very little “face time” with other people.  While in IT I knew everyone.  In software, I work on projects in isolation, with headphones on and see no humans for days at a time.


So, here comes the hard part.