The Beginning of a new Life. A Bike Life.

The title may be a bit dramatic, but here’s the story.

For a little over two years, I was lucky enough to commute a total of about 300 feet to my day job (Before you ask, I don’t have a night job).  Many days of walking back and forth drove a wedge between me and my car.  Eventually, my wife’s car was too far gone to be worth repairing and we had a decision to make.

Two cars for two adults and two kids.  But I was driving all of about twice a month.  And both of those times were with the rest of my family.  So maybe this was an easier decision that we thought.  So, we sold my wife’s rolling steel box for a cool $500 bucks to the mechanic that did most of the work to keep it running.

Having only one car is pretty great.  Cars are huge.  Cars are expensive.  Cars are smelly.  Cars hate the gays.

It’s true.  I’m not making this up.

We were living the good one-car life.  Walking to work was so short and easy that I actually started gaining weight again.  The distance provided no exercise whatsoever.

But, life moves on, and things change.  My dream of walking to work came to an end.  I had decided it was time to move on to another organization and, let’s face it, finding another job within walking distance wasn’t going to be so easy.  In the end, I did find a good job that was pretty close by, but not walking close.  Four miles, as the crow flies, you might say, if you’re weird.

Four miles may not be walking close, but it is biking close!

Whoa, boy.  Decisions decisions.  We have one car.  If I drive to work, my wife is at home with the kids and no car.  If I bike to work, do I do it every day?  What about rain? Snow? Hurricanes?!?! Sharknados?!?!

If we buy another car, well that’s just stupid.  Why would I want to drop another $15k+ on a box of steel to pour even more money into? I didn’t. I don’t. I wouldn’t. Easy decision.

So, now what? Now, I’m committing myself to biking.  But not just the fun annual charity ride biking that you’re all used to me babbling on about (which won’t stop, by the way). I’m talking about the bike-my-ass-to-work-every-day-of-the-year kind of commitment.

Guess what.  I’ve already been doing it for 5 weeks already!

My knee hurts every day and I’m loving every bit of it.  We’ll talk more about my knee troubles later, but I think they are waning.

As I write this, the month has rolled into October. October can be cold. November will be colder, but I have a hat and gloves (Truthfully, I have many hats, but I normally only wear one at a time). December will be even colder, maybe snowier and we’ll deal with that problem when we get there.  Possibly with some super awesome bike tires.

I hope you’ll read along while I document my commuting adventures.  I’ve already crashed in the woods twice, angered a motorist, and flattened three tires.  There is surely more to come. Though, I hope to contain things to equipment reviews, riding techniques, fitness, and finance discussions and avoid angering my fellow commuters day to day. Even if they are trying to kill me with their rolling steel boxes of death.

I may post every week, I may post more, but I promise I will try to document my adventures as often as time allows.

Climb on my handlebars and come along for the ride.