Biking in Heels

After re-posting this video to Facebook, I got caught up thinking about the possibility of actually living in the Netherlands.  While slightly bored, I searched google for “biking Netherlands”, and stumbled into a post on this site:

The site was so interesting that I clicked the heading so I could start from the latest entry and just kept clicking “older posts” until I realized I had spent 30 minutes scrolling through pictures and stories about mixing bikes and life.

The bicycle advocacy represented there is admirable, and it happens to be the blog of a woman who runs a bike shop in nearby Cambridge called Bicycle Belle that:

sell[s] city bicycles that are set up for everyday life- with chainguards and fenders to keep your clothes clean,  racks to carry your stuff, lights for showing you the way, and kickstands to keep them  in place when you stop to smell the roses.

I don’t get to venture into the city often, but I plan on stopping in next time I do.

You should too.