Spokes and Words – Another Podcast!

AlbumArtwork-256I am now the proud host of two podcasts that cover two of my favorite things.

Being a dad and biking.

I’ve already mentioned Dad’s Being Dads in a previous post and that is still going strong.  But now, with the mountains of time available to me after the kids go to bed, I’ve ventured into another topic near and dear to my heart, biking! Specifically, biking for transportation.

It’s called, Spokes and Words.  A terrible pun, but it stuck and we kept it.

We try to cover maintenance, safety, flat tires, back flips, chicken fights, and all other sorts of things that go hand in hand with riding a bike to get to where you want to be.

I’ve been commuting to work, every day (yes), since I promised that I would (If you don’t believe me, just click on that Strava thing on the right and look at my calendar). And while the same path may be getting a little boring day after day, the various anecdotes of almost hitting dear, crashing into stumps, and riding through the snow provide some entertaining fodder for the show.

My co-host, Mike, is hardcore.  His family gave up all their cars and they live in CANADA.  Where it’s really cold.  And snowy.  And they have kids to cart around and groceries to shop for.

No cars.

None at all.  Crazy.

Give it a listen.