Almost 2000 Miles

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 10.37.13 PMSurprisingly, the days begin to get longer just as we officially begin winter.  Conversely, this means that the shortest, most depressing, day of the year is now behind us.1  It almost feels like summer is here already!  Right?

I think the Christmas holidays, for most people, fill the emotional black-hole created by seemingly endless darkness and cold rainy days.  It’s certainly fun to eat, drink and generally maintain a high level of merriment.  And with only 2 days before that blessed morning of gift wrap and whimsy, we are having some of the darkest, rainiest and most miserable days one could imagine.  And yet, I absolutely loved being outside today.

Today was my last day of work until after the new year.  And like every day since my first day at this job in August, I rode my bike to work.  It was wet, but not cold, because I’ve learned how to dress well enough to stay warm, but I’m too cheap to buy appropriate rain gear.  It was also dark and the pain in my neck fairly severe.2  I’m not complaining.  I loved it.  Every minute of it.  On my way in, I turned down a couple of new roads, just to make extra loop through an unfamiliar neighborhood.  On my way home, I stopped in the woods and just stared at a family of 9 deer who were all staring back at me.  As the fear crept up on me, that they might decide a deer stampede would kill some time until dinner, I showed my dominance the way any highly trained woodsman know is best.  By saying, “Hi Deer!  How are you?!”

The deer ran off, and I rode off.

Like every day, I record my ride via the Strava app on my phone (On days like this, my phone goes into a ziplock back or it would be ruined by the water).  I believe that I have recorded almost all of my rides for the year with.  After arriving home, I looked at my total for the year.  I am currently at a total distance of 1,947.0 miles.3  But,  with the holidays and some travel coming up, I may not be able to record another 53 miles by next Wednesday to cross 2,000 for 2013.  If I were not taking 3 days off of work, I would gain almost 40, leaving only 13 left to reach this goal that I only now just made up.

So perhaps I can reach 2,000 by doing a couple of long rides in the woods in the next week.  And maybe I should.  Why not?  The 3 pounds of sugar I will consume in the next 48 hours will certain merit a few extra minutes of exercise.  But this almost milestone got me thinking about what I could do.

Next year, considering 48 weeks of work4 at 12-14 miles/day (round trip), I should be able to hit 3,000 miles even before considering any extra training for and participation in the PMC.  All told perhaps I can hit 3,500.  Or dare I say 4,000?  No, I don’t dare.  I think 3,500 is stretchy enough of a goal that we’ll stick with that.

Merry Holidays and a Happy Everything!

  1. If you’re an early riser, however, you may note that the sun will continue to rise later for another couple of weeks. []
  2. I have no idea how I did it, but I pulled a muscle in my shoulder/neck.  Probably from juggling the kids. []
  3. I don’t think the .0 is accurate. []
  4. Gawd.  That just sounds so terrible.  48 weeks of work. []