100 Days To Go

After 5 years of riding the Pan-Mass Challenge, I didn’t think twice about signing up for a sixth.

I will always ride.  Though it is plausible that some year I will injure myself severely enough and close enough to ride day that my mobility will be hampered.  Not withstanding those circumstances, I can’t see a reason that I would not participate.  I will be old, gray, wrinkled, pedaling nonetheless from Sturbridge to Provincetown.  Stopping only for water, peanut butter and fluff, beer, and maybe a shower at the end.  Maybe.

My life; My family’s life, revolves around this event.

Training and staying in shape is time consuming, but fun.  Fundraising is time consuming, necessary, but not quite as much fun.  My son and daughter spend a great deal of time drawing pictures (which they love) and posing for the camera with their drawings, so that we may do just a little something for you and the people that contribute their earnings to the cause.

This year, my wife is joining the PMC to ride 192 miles with me and all of the others.  We both have our work cut out for us to prepare physically and we will work hard to get there.  With both of us riding, we have doubled our fundraising goals and we need your help to get there.


We need you to make all this biking worth something.  We need you to open up your wallets and give whatever you can to help support Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Go now and donate $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford.  Every dollar helps.

Julie – http://pmc.org/JJ0087
Randy – http://pmc.org/RJ0036

Tell your friends and family.  Ask your employer if they will match contributions.

We appreciate anything you can do.

Thanks so much.

-Randy & Julie