2015 Cancer/Biking/Woodworking SWEEPSTAKES!

On 09/01/2015, we will pick one lucky winner from all of our combined PMC donors!

Donate at least $20 to Randy or Julie to Cancer research and you’ll be automatically entered.

What Is The Grand Prize?

ANYTHING THAT YOU WANT! (some restriction apply)1  More specifically, a totally awesome, one of a kind, carpentry masterpiece made by Julie James2 just for you!

But, we know choosing can be hard, so here are some example ideas:

  • Fancy coat racks.
  • Fancy boot/shoe storage.
  • Not-so-fancy loft for your kids.
  • Fancy bird houses.
  • Fancy chicken coop (if you fancy that sort of thing).
  • Fancy fireplace mantel.
  • Maybe some old house-repair (she loves fixing old houses.)
    • Windows, doors, trim work, that sort of thing.
  • Or… whatever else you want/need/desire (See the Official Rules).



The master at work!


Bird houses in progress.

Yardwork is the worst.

This is probably not safe.


Awesome basket storage.


Play loft for the kiddos.


Windows in the loft!


Kid coat racks.


Adult coat racks.



How Do I Enter?

First, don’t call the IRS or anything like that.  Second, it’s easy! All you have to do is donate to Julie’s or Randy’s 2015 Pan Mass Challenge bike ride and you’ll be automatically entered! ($20 minimum)3 Every dollar you enter gives you another chance to win, so please feast your eyes on some of Julie’s glamorous creations (above) while considering how wide to open your wallet.4  Remember, we don’t keep a dime of your donations.  Julie is donating her time and our money to you in return for you donating money to fight cancer. Round and round it goes.

Do it.  Do it now.


Official Rules

  • Minimum donation of $20 to qualify for entry.
  • After $20, every $1 gets you a chance to win.
  • The winner will receive a woodworking project of their choosing.
    • We will pay a maximum of $100 in materials.5
    • Julie will spend approximately 20 hours on the project.
    • You will need to pay shipping costs (if not local).
    • Julie will have final say on the scope of the project.
  • The winner will be drawn by a computer program that Randy writes just for this task.6
    • We’ll record the drawing and post a video!
  • The drawing will take place on September 1st, 2015
    • Donations can be made after this date, but they won’t qualify for fancy project winnings.
    • This is a very important detail.  Tell your friends to help make sure we get there.
    • $10,000 minimum between Julie and Randy, combined.
  • If you are the winner and decide you don’t want the prize, we’ll pick another winner!
    • We’ll try as hard as we can to get in touch, but may have to give up eventually.


  1. We’re not crazy.  Read the Official Rules here. []
  2. Julie is a trained professional. []
  3. Again, see the Official Rules. []
  4. I don’t want to tell you what to do… yes I do.  Wider is better. []
  5. Julie is good at recycling old stuff too. []
  6. We would cut up pieces of paper, but because of the complications of additional entries for each $1 we would be cutting paper forever. []