PMC 2016 Begins! (Year #8)

It’s a new year and that means it’s time for PMC 2016!

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Read my review of last year’s PMC

What is the PMC?

If you’re already well aware of what this is and why I do it, please move on to the next section to enjoy my post-PMC James family updates.

As for the rest of you, the PMC is the a very large sports1 based fundraising event where 100% of the proceeds2 make it to Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.  We bike to show our commitment and to enjoy the ride.

You Guys Are Awesome!!

What your donations have done so far.

Year Randy Julie
2009 $5,732.01 -
2010 $5,851.70 -
2011 $4,995.00 -
2012 $9,308.66 -
2013 $8,220.00 -
2014 $5,871.45 $5,158.48
2015 $4,598.83 $7,200.00
2016 $0 $780.00

GRAND TOTAL: $56,936.13

The best.  You guys are the best.


Why Do We Ride?

I’ve written many times about my niece passing.  Her battle was too long and her life was too short.  This is the least that I can do to preserve her memory and support research and care to improve life for others.

Post-PMC Winter Summary.

I liked recapping the year in the PMC 2015 Review so much, that I’d like to do the winter version as an introduction to PMC 2016.

I learned something this winter that may seem obvious to every single one of you reading this.  Eating and drinking too much makes you fat.

After 7 years of training for an athletic event, I can draw you a picture of what my weight/fitness level looks like throughout the year.  Here it is.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.47.36 AM

Look at that.  Look at it!  Why does beer have to be so delicious. WHY!?

I’m going to work on this a bit, I think.  I want to be under 200 *all* year.

Winter Activities (In pictures)

Aside from my revelations about how consuming more beer/calories makes me fatter, we’ve also had a productive winter.  You may notice some of our activities involved sugary foods.  If you ask me, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are too close together and too tightly associated with delicious foods and drinking merry drinks.

In mostly chronological order:

We made gingerbread houses!

We made gingerbread houses!


Molly turned 4.

The kids don't watch movies.

The kids don’t watch movies.

We biked, of course.

We biked, of course.

I at a lot of junk food.

Halloween creates a lot of “leftovers”.

A LOT of junk food.

This was originally supposed to be a holiday gift.

Molly is learning to ski (away from having her picture taken).

Molly is learning to ski.  And hide from the camera.

I have been riding near this lake.

I have been riding near this lake.

And sometimes *on* it.

And sometimes *on* it.

Always Riding

I still ride just about every day by way of commuting to work  ((I don’t work weekends.  Usually.)).  I’ve been working at KAYAK for just about 3 years now3, and I have never4 driven to work.  It’s a strange thing to be proud of to be sure.  There were certainly days where driving would have been more convenient.

I’ve ridden in very cold rain, very heavy snow, and very scary lightning storms5.  There is only one occasion that I would prefer to not ride.

  1. When I have a fever.  Or a stomach flu.  That sort of stay-in-bed stuff.

Once or twice I had gone to work feeling OK and been knocked down with a fever half way through the day.  Going home is the smart thing to do.  In hindsight, it probably would have been smarter to call my wife.  Next time, I’ll try to be smarter and never go in at all.  After all, I wouldn’t want to break my streak.

Coming Soon, Brazil!

My good friend, Michael Patrick Carpenter Jr. is very luck to be marrying a fantastic woman who also happens to be from São Paulo6.

We are taking the whole family there in April to participate in the wedding.  It’s only 10 days, and it’s early in the season, so I’m not worried about missing any training rides or anything like that. But this is going to occupy  our free time for a while.  Traveling to another country takes a lot of preparation.  Planning flights, learning the language, studying maps, shopping for bathing suits.  We have about 2 more months to learn as much as possible to make our stay go more smoothly.

Thank You!

Your support makes this work.

Love you guys.

  1. By “sports” I mean biking. []
  2. “Proceeds” == Your donations []
  3. I think it’s really 2 1/2, but it will be 3 by PMC time []
  4. I did spend a week running to work as a “challenge”. []
  5. The scary part isn’t the lightning, but the risk of a tree limb falling making me the inside of a tree-person-bike-earth sandwich. []
  6. I’m getting better with the åccęnts []