2018 Personal OKRs

I already feel stupid writing that heading.


Let’s just call them “goals”. OKRs are Objective and Key Results. Basically just goals that have measurements so you can see exactly how badly you’ve screwed them up.

Full disclosure, I stole this idea from this fellow. We do this type of thing at work, of course. So why not outside of work? It’s not a New Years Resolution™ exactly. Resolutions tend to be things like “Stop procrastinating!” and “Lose weight!”.

These are fine goals to make, but without a way to measure them, it’s hard to know if you’re working toward them. Use “Lose weight” as an objective, and add some ways to measure it like: stop taking the elevator, walk 5+ miles/week, 3 beers/week max, etc.

Key Results. Measurable things.

If you only focus on the weight loss, it can be overwhelming when the scale doesn’t change.

Let’s Get Started

I didn’t set any goals for 2017 so any new objectives might seem a tad out of whack.

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself that I’m just doing it all wrong, please just close your browser and move along. This is how I’m doing it! Write your own OKRs!

1. Health And Fitness

Start with the cliché. I know.

  • > 20 pushups each day
    • “That’s easy!” No, it’s easy to forget. You do it punk!
  • 10 Pullups each work day
    • This is an important detail. Work has a gym with a pullup bar.
    • Sets of less than 10 are fine since I can’t do 10 in a row anyway.
  • Bike 5,000 miles !
    • Why 5,000? Well, I did about 4,500 in 2017. 5,000 is just a tad more work.
  • Run 250 miles
    • Loosely based on 5 miles/week
    • Biking is nice, but it’s not everything. Running is good heart stuff.

2. Learning Things

“Read More Books!!!!1!!11” Right?

Books are nice. Picking up new skills is also nice.

I’m not going to play in any recitals, so that’s all I’m going to promise for now.

  • Practice Spanish
    • Make Duolingo think I’m 50% fluent (It thinks I’m 35% now, which is bit nuts).
    • Read at least one book written in Spanish. Like, say… 100 pages.

My daughter is in a Spanish immersion kindergarten. It’s weird, I know. I figure I should at least try to keep up. I’d like to know what she knows.

  • Learn Sketchup
    • Design the kitchen for our house. At least one option.

More on this later. I’m repeating OKRs in two categories. But sketchup is a pretty handy tool for designing many things. And in a world of 3D everything, it can’t hurt to know well.

  • Read at least one actual book
    • I’m like 100% audio books.
    • Reading to the kids doesn’t count.

3. Home & Family

Making myself less fat is nice and everything, but what’s the point in being a parent if I’m not going to focus improving their lives just a bit? Any improvement will do.

  • Remove clutter from my office.
    • 50% fewer useless books.
    • Nothing spilling into the hallway.
    • Remove all of the old cameras, parts, pieces that I don’t use.
    • Empty the basked of useless cables.

IT HELPS THEM, trust me. My office is a MESS. I’ll provide before & after pictures at the end of the year.

  • Help the kids donate $$$s
    • Research at least 10 charitable organizations
    • Donate their spend pile at least twice during the year

The kids are following a spend/save/give program now with their money. More on this later, perhaps. But this particular goal is to help them work through the process of deciding which charities will get their money.

  • Home Projects
    • Patch the hole in the bedroom ceiling that we thought was filled with bees but turned out to be ants instead.
    • After learning Sketchup (see “Learning”) create one or more first floor layouts.

I don’t have a “honey do” list because she does most of the doing. But I’m the one that cut the hole in the ceiling, so I should probably patch it.

4. Community & Giving

Julie and I ride the PMC every year, that’s just about a given at this point. That consumes quite a bit of time and energy. But we have plenty of money that could do more good.

I am also already on one local committe and the youth soccer board in town, as well as a coach. This also eats up a ton of time but I will keep doing it.

  • Scheduled Donations
    • At least 2 automatic recurring donations to different institutions.

I tend to donate to things randomly but not consistently. There are plenty of charities that I would love to support on a recurring basis and should get started doing that right away.

  • Complete Streets
    • Work with the school system to address shortcomings in the walkability at the schools.
    • Work with the Safe Routes to School folks to get some programs started.

You probably already know I’m a big fan of not driving. Especially when you’re going on a 1/2 mile trip. Especially especially when you’re going to bring your 3,500 lb rolling steal death box to the roads where kids are converging for their daily education.

Put them on the bus, or let them walk bike there. “But it’s not safe!”, you say. Well, in comes the Safe Routes to School program and now you understand my objective.

No More Time For Typing

With all these THINGS I’m promsing myself that I’ll do, I’d best be getting started. This office isn’t going to clean itself. I am on track with pushups though. No problem there, but I’m going to have to start running next week and kick up my bike commuting miles or I will quickly fall behind!

Happy New Year.