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I Started A Podcast – About Being A Dad.

In which Chris (my co-host) and I talk about funny happenings, helpful products, tricks we have learned, and how terrible we are at this stuff.

It’s called, “Dads Being Dads” ( … .NET! Some jerk is sitting on .com)

If you’ve already read enough and simply want to give it a listen, or perhaps a 5-star rating without listening at all, here is the site and iTunes link.  We will be publishing shows every week, recorded at night and in fear that we might wake one of the 5 children between us.

By my estimates, there are probably about 1 billion dads on the planet at any given moment.  In my opinion, we don’t talk enough together about being dads.  Chris and I enjoy it and we hope that you might get something from listening to us make fools of ourselves one hour a week.

If we end up angering some of you, or if you think you have something to add, let us know.  We are always looking for good subject matter.

If you’re this deep into the read and still wondering what exactly a podcast is, I applaud your commitment.  In short, it’s talk-show that is pre-recorded and distributed over the internet.  Apple & iTunes provide a nice directory of shows and the means to subscribe to them.  I can’t think of a better introductory show for you to try out than ours.  There are many tools for listening.  If you have more questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

We have a website and some artwork that Chris has worked very hard on.  Some of you may have noticed that it is actually an old picture of me throwing my niece into the ocean.  I would have done that before I was a dad, but no one needs to know she isn’t mine.


We are also working on some new intro music, as the current music is just stolen from iMovie.  Perhaps that music will be so great that you’ll listen to the show just to hear it.

Certainly many of you reading this won’t be interested in the show, and that’s completely understandable.  But I would appreciate it if you forwarded it along to people that you think might.  The more listeners we get, the longer we’ll be able to continue doing this.

Hugs and Kisses,



Big Fat Old Man Butt


After Saturday morning soccer, Max and I usually hang out to play for another hour or so.  Last weekend he and I and some other kids were kicking balls against the plywood wall with the goal posts painted on.

I’d like to think I’m one of the “athletic dads”.  As such, I have fun playing and running and stuff, not just sitting in a beach chair and waiting for the games to be over.

Accidents happen when you’re mixing it up with a pack of five year old.  In this case, a stray ball hit me in the back of the leg.  No big deal.  No harm no foul. etc.


Whoa.  What old man?  That poor guy, that kid should probably… HEY!

“Pardon, me?”, I said.

“Huh, what?”, said the tiny little offender.

“Where is the old man with the big fat butt?”, I asked.

“Oh. Ummm.  I was just talking to myself.”

“So, you’re and old man with a big fat butt?”

“I have to go now.”

U-S-A!! U   S   A!!  YOU ESS EIGH!!!!